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In July 2018, I received a newspaper from my town’s local high school, in Union Springs, New York. The newspaper was sent out to all the homes in my area. In it there is a photo of New York congressman John Katko making a fist at a minority in a painting made by a local high school student here. This town is in the county that was home to Harriet Tubman, and it was part of the Underground Railroad. The locals here are very secretive and won’t share this photo with anyone. The funny thing is that everyone in my town knew about this photo, but still decided to reelect him for a third and fourth term. This is a serious matter. I believe John Katko was blackmailed into posing like this in the picture. This is because of a decades-long police cover-up that is still going on against me in Cayuga county and other places. The cover-up has led to a government conspiracy against me involving John Katko, the White House and many others. Things like this just don’t happen on their own, and I’m trying to get the word out to everyone about it. The media won’t cover it because they’re involved in it too. I am seeking information about the cover up on my website at If you can help, please contact me via email. I have posted my contact information there. John Katko retired from office on January 3rd, 2023 but please read my August 24 th, 2020 post on how this picture could have been used against him and other politicians in government. It is good to know what is going on around you in the world. I have also uploaded a complete copy of the high school newspaper containing the racist picture of John Katko to my website. This is probably the biggest political coverup of all time. If you want John Katko and other politicians held accountable for this you have to act quickly. If the criminal statute of limitations runs out on John Katko, and he is not prosecuted, there will be no incentive for him to give up the hire-ups in government through a plea bargain agreement. The statute of limitations applies to all criminal and civil cases. A prosecutor has only a certain amount of time to bring charges in a criminal case against a person or party in criminal cases. In a civil suit, the lawsuit must be filed within the specified time frame allotted by the court, or your lawsuit automatically times out. The statutes are clearly defined. John Katko is a lawyer, and he knows about these laws along with all other politicians. I’d also like to mention that on 09-09-2022, I saw Katko being interviewed on channel 9 news in Syracuse, NY. Once again, nothing was brought up about the racist picture of him that surfaced here or the cover-up. He has come out of this affair with an undamaged reputation. I have provided a link to the interview below.

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John Katko Interview on 09-09-2022